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We are essentially visual problem-solvers who work fields such as branding, packaging, publishing, advertising and digital design. Company branding , prints, business cards, marketing, social media, film design, photography and of course this website - all rely on effective design to get the user's attention and get to the heart of what the client is trying to say.  


From pouring your morning cereal to waiting for the last bus home from the pub, you’ll find yourself looking at the work of a graphic designer.

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From the new kids on the block to some of the biggest in the biz, we’ve worked with some awesome brands.


Whether we bring a brand to life, or enhance one that already exists, everything we do is to make them bigger, bolder, and stronger.

In the competitive world that we live in today, staying relevant and ahead of your competition is the key to running a successful business.


At Koh Designs we know exactly what you need to get your message across and turn your idea into a brand that everyone recognises.


Here’s some of the amazing work we’ve created over the years.