Colouring Book & Crayons

It’s strange to think that an ‘artist’ can bring your business new leads and quality enquires but that’s the truth! Graphic Designers are more than just the ‘colouring book and crayon humans’ you may joke about (we definitely joke about that - daily). We understand business, not only that but we understand all businesses.

Think about it like this – we have dealt with 100’s of different business in our time and hopefully 100’s more to come; from an animal farmyard start-up through to international solicitor firms. It’s not one service suits all, it’s tailored, and our approach matches that, we have to delve deep into all kind of businesses daily. Understanding not only how the business lives and breathes but how the business works with lead generation and how our services can build on that. Our clients often come to us with an idea, thought or principle in mind to which they wish to convey into the public… sounds relatively easy right? I mean, you just take the idea and make pretty things with it… Fortunately not because that’d be super boring.

Here at Koh Designs we’re more than just designers. Today I want to show you the depth in which we will go to into each individual business proposal or project in ‘step one’ of working with a client:

1. So, it all started with – our prospect needs graphic design or branding services; so they google it. Koh Designs pops up and they land on our site, usually they take a peak at our offering and jump straight onto our portfolio (which is always kept up to scratch). They then decide if they like our work or not (remember – design is subjective, not all clients like our tone or style). Then with a pinch of luck… they get in touch. That’s the easy bit!

2. Next up, we arrange a call with our prospect client and ask them around 32 billion questions about their business, start-up or idea. The more information we get the better we can analyse and assist in the brand or re-brand! We then explain our services and how our expert services fall in line with their objectives.

3. Now for the part that tends to be hidden behind the silence - “Brilliant leave it with us and we’ll get a quote over” … introducing: research, data collection, competitor analysis and reporting. Before we begin any project; whether that be a small logo design for a local start-up or a huge re-brand for a 50-year-old company, we spend hours familiarising ourselves with the company, to truly understand their business DNA. We do that much research we’re 100% confident we’d smash the generic interview question “So, what do you know about the business?” that everyone dreads! We use the client website as an initial source, reading, note taking and doodling along the way. This then leads to the understanding of company ethos, visions, missions and values, which offer us phenomenal understanding of the business personality. Once we feel we could sell the business to our friends or family we then swiftly move onto the competitors.

4. The competitors become a vital step into our research; we achieve a distinctive outbound message from each and every direct competitor. Thus, allowing us to create a unique, achievable market position for our prospect. This position will be adapted into every aspect of our design work, from logo to website. No one wants to look the same as the competitor and everyone wants to beat them! We always ensure extra vigilance when it comes to competitor research, it’s easy to become inspired or ‘stuck’ on competitors (but do not fear, we’ve ample years experience of learning what NOT to do based on competitors). Our end goal is to make our prospect sit way above and beyond their competitors, and our 100% customer satisfaction rate backs that one!

5. If we’re talking ‘re-brand’ we often ask prospects for website analysis too or keywords too, this allows us see how the current brand is ranking and what the current users may be searching for, the good the bad and the ugly. This helps us to understand why clients are using our prospects services or products, and what they are searching for in order to get in touch – this may seem a little far-fetched for a logo design BUT it isn’t (believe me). We need this data collect process in order to tailor the new logo design. This, giving us chance to appeal to our prospects’ clients – complicated right? It’s not, it’s just our routine and strategy to success, it’s in our blood. Design cannot be draw up in a short 20 minutes session and propelled into the market on a whim, it must be fluent, excel its purpose and be successfully future proofed prior to being sent to our prospect let alone into market.

6. Following business breakdown, competitor analysis, reporting and research; comes communications with our prospect. It’s always tricky to support a client with outbound messaging, design, positioning and ongoing support when perhaps the client is yet to reap the rewards of a talented designer on-side. But this step is made a whole lot easier when we talk them through our extensive understanding of their business, allow them express potential concerns and offer both testimonials and industry statics for our work. It can be a scary leap to get a designer on board with no real traceable feedback but boy are we proud to be who we are!

So, that’s just a little insight into ‘step one’ of client integrations and work behind the scenes; maybe one day we won’t be the ‘crayon’ guys and become the makers of lead generation and all things strategically creative! Hold tight for a few more sneak peaks into life behind the doors at Koh! @kohdesigns.

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