I thought it was Co-Designs…

‘So how do you say your business name? Is it Kay, Oh, Haych, is it Co like cogh, is it co like co-op?

We’ve heard it all before, and it makes us smile every time! There isn’t a pronunciation that would surprise us. But have no fear, today is the day you guys can not only gain full grips on the pronunciation but also on history behind out business name.

So, moving straight onto the pronunciation - It’s pronounced ‘Co-Designs’ but not because it is co-owned by myself & Hope as most people think… The business is named after the island of Koh Samui, in Thailand. Hope has spent a good third of her entire life soaking up the relaxed lifestyle, sunshine and beautiful culture.

That’s right! We were inspired by the beauty of Thailand. Within the Thai language they have historically used the word Koh or Ko at the forefront of every island name. In English, the word Koh or Ko means ‘Island’ this would translate to ‘Island Samui’. When I first joined the business one of my first questions was does Koh even mean… when I discover the heritage hind the name I was blown away. Not only because it’s sentimental and holds value within our lives but also because we’ve been able to follow the name through our entire brand and business structure.

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ll be fully aware how refreshening the natural lifestyle is, and if you haven’t been… you’ll have heard the stories! This lifestyle is a huge inspiration for us at Koh Designs, our company ethos has been formed around it. We have a truly ‘real’ approach to graphics and branding… we’re just real people supporting the growth of real businesses through creative visuals. We have no hidden fees and what you see is what you get, much like Thailand itself. Not only have our core values been projected from the Thai culture but visually we have been sure to incorporate the blues and greens of the stunning sea views into our branding to mirror the calm and serenity found within those special moments.

Although our visuals and our ethos/values stem that of the Thai culture, we remain vigilant within our positioning here in the UK, we’ve been sure to integrate our outbound messaging to fit perfectly within the market here. We never forget our position – we are called ‘island’ designs and we work on an island that we all call home. Who knows – maybe in a few years our office will be based in Thailand and we will be able to design from the beach.

We can all dream right?

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