How to get the most out of your designer.

When hiring a designer for your business branding, it is important to remember that not only are you paying for their skills in the ‘Creative Suite’ but for their ideas, opinions and expertise. Even if you have your own ideas, you should be open to new concepts and thinking methods. After all, design is thinking made visual.

Your first experience with a creative designer will most likely be through a logo concept or a website build – the most customer facing and crucial business image elements. This may feel like your entering into the abyss… its normal! Us designers ask silly questions like CMYK or RGB? Serif or Sans Serif? How big do you want the bleed marks? But don’t fear, it’s just our business jargon, just like yours.

Provide a Complete Brief

This is the most crucial part of hiring a designer. At this stage you need to inform them of any ideas you have, what styles and colours you like (in your own words completely). But most importantly any design inspiration you have seen before, this helps to paint a clear, visual image for your designer and leaves minimal room for error. Inspiration can come in any form – links to other websites, social media, screenshots or even just a scribble!

Trust your Designer

Try to avoid having a concrete visual idea of how your finished product might look as this can cloud your opinion on what your designer produces. You are paying your designer for their skills and expertise so should trust them to produce something that you are happy with. Don’t forget great design doesn’t happen without risk! So, allow your designer to spread their wings and reach out there before reigning it in, and chances are you will be pleasantly surprised!

Remember Your Target

A good designer will always link their work to the goal set out in the brief. The designs that you build together should always appeal to your target market, and sometimes that isn’t you. Remember to put your client hat on and try to see the work from their perspective.

Make Sure Feedback is Constructive

When giving feedback try your hardest to explain your reasoning. It always tricky to make amends when the designer isn’t sure why you don’t like something so try your best to articulate your reasoning. For example; avoid saying ‘I don’t like the colour you have picked’ and try ‘I’m not a fan of the colour palette as it is really strong. Maybe we could try something cooler like a blue’.

Don’t be afraid to be honest! If you are forthcoming about your opinion then plenty of time can be saved. A good designer won’t be offended, everyone likes different things and has varying opinions.

You will save yourself a tonne of time and not to mention money!

Good Communication

Remember that you are the most integral part for the design process, so getting the most out of your designer can often come down to you. Knowing how to communicate your ideas effectively will ultimately lead to a better design outcome for you, and a better working relationship with your designer. Emails can often be misconstrued, always try and call your designer first this way you can truly express yourself and they can truly understand.

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