Digital Marketing - Can Less Be More?

Consider what you’re posting

Social Media is just one aspect of a pretty solid Digital Marketing plan - but it’s a very visible one and easily accessible for your consumers. As the number of digital marketing platforms continues to rise, it's very tempting to plaster your message across as many digital marketing walls as possible in your efforts to connect with potential customers. But what happens if your potential customer base doesn’t see those walls? And how do you ensure that the right users - the ones who might buy the products or services that you sell - pay attention to your digital marketing messages?

The key is to plan your social media marketing as part of your wider digital marketing strategy. Other important aspects of a digital marketing strategy, including customer and keyword research, search engine optimisation (SEO) and end-to-end customer journey analysis. They are less visible than a series of Facebook posts, but spending some time to define a clear strategy upfront keeps you focused on who you want to connect with, and why. Not only that but it saves you time in the long run – imagine posting designs and messages every single day that none of your target audience are seeing!

Refine Your Canvas

Time is money in business, and spending days refining social media messages to suit each of the 10+ platforms you use is the perfect waste of time and money. With Digital Marketing, as in most other areas of business, less can be more. Undertake some customer research, identify one or two platforms that your current client base use and start to smash it out the water!

Industry: Is there a platform that your sector utilises? Which platform(s) are your competitors using?

Demographics: How old is your target audience? Does this age range prefer a particular social platform?

Website Referrals: Which social platform are you currently seeing the most referrals from?

Once you have some customer insight and understand where your audience is from a social media perspective, you can make a conscious decision about your digital marketing efforts and the platforms to post on. Then you can turn your focus to developing digital marketing content that your audience wants to engage with.

Stay on Trend with Your Digital Marketing Content

Users are more likely to engage with digital marketing messages that use fresh techniques to catch their attention, and from an SEO perspective, the richer, deeper and more innovative your content, the better the algorithms tend to like it.

Creative Content Is Still King!

For some years now, video content has been king on social platforms. Outlets like Facebook & Twitter are at ‘war’ with YouTube, trying to be THE platform on which users watch video. On Facebook, video posts have 135% greater organic reach than a text or photo post, meaning your customers and followers are increasingly more likely to see your video post.

Design without restriction

You can purchase every single design app going on your mobile phone, adding titles and little eye-catching Gifs over the top of your content but it’s just not good enough, trust us, we know what works. There are thousands of people around the world designing the same content and creating the same style of graphics – your audience deserve more; spoil them with creative content that blows them away, you want to create content that they show their partners or friend!

Stories, Livestreams & Reactive Content

Stories & Livestreams are hugely popular across all social media platforms. These short, ‘quicky’ videos capture a moment as it happens, allowing users to drop in and drop out of content. Users like this short-form content as it provides an authentic peek behind the curtain of big brands and businesses, and the algorithms seem to like it too.

What Can Koh Do for You?

We are a full service creative agency, meaning that we not only have highly experienced Digital Marketeers who can help you build your brand, develop your content plans and generate engaging content, images and visuals - we also have inhouse designers and developers to ensure that every single step of your prospects journey is smooth and successful from a single Facebook ad straight through to your call now button on the website!

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