5 Tips for Estate Agents to adapt to COVID-19

Infographic visuals actually work!

With uncertainty everywhere these days, presenting clear, relevant, refreshingly honest information is a real breath of fresh air to consumers, especially if it’s something consumers are interested in. As estate agents, you have access to a huge amount of information that your customers want to know! From average property values and to important news, straight through to aspirational property run-downs and those obscure insights the rest of us wouldn’t even think about until they’re presented with a shiny infographic or smart little carousel!

From City to Country

I’m sure you’ll agree that the Country life is on the rise! Without hundreds of the restrictions that have kept so many of you ‘city-bound’ for the last 50 years dissolving into nothing, there is a surprising number of people ready to make their dreams a reality. With remote working becoming a permanent reality for some, we don’t need to be close to the office anymore, and the draw of the countryside with its clear air and space to roam makes a pretty picture to even the biggest city-lovers!

Whether you’re a city centre agent or specialise in the dreamy country cottages we’re all eyeing-up on Zoopla, creating strong relationships between the town and the country is a great way to be able to offer your customers the help and advice they need, no matter where their property journey takes them.

Health & Safety Update & Maintenance

Admittedly, this one isn’t very exciting, but we hope it helps. Particularly in the COVID landscape at current, the importance of being clear, safe and up to date in the way you and your teamwork shouldn’t be skimmed over. This means making it clear to vendors and landlords, as well as potential buyers or tenants the safety precautions they have to follow and what you are doing to keep them safe. A clear, well-designed guide can be invaluable in these instances to make it clear that you are well-prepared for whatever comes your way.

Oh Boy, It’s A Digital World…

As an estate agent, you might have thought that remote working, Zoom meetings and online conferencing were things you didn’t need to worry about. Think again… COVID-19 has proven to all kinds of sectors and businesses that working remotely can be done, and it’s shifted more than just our desks - You and your team should be getting to grips with video conferencing to help make your life easier and show off your professionalism, no matter who you’re communicating with. Video valuations, home tours and negotiations are all things of the future, so it’s time to channel your inner videographer and get rolling.

Your Visual Assets Have Never Been So Important

Okay, we’re definitely a bit biased when it comes to the importance of good design, but it’s for good reason of course! A strong visual presence gets you noticed, shows off your professionalism, and helps you stick out in the mind of your audience when they’re looking for an estate agent that fits their needs. With people getting out and about less than before, you might need to adjust your visual strategy away from capitalising on your High Street store and towards capitalising online. Visual assets made by a professional graphic designer and photographers who know what they’re doing make all of the difference when your customers might not actually interact with you in person.

To find out how Koh Designs can help you adapt to a post-COVID19 world through smart, affordable and totally unlimited graphic design solutions, get in touch today and give yourself time to focus on the things you love.

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