Business cards are a vital asset for any business trading with the public. Here at Koh Designs we hold the key, we want to ensure you're 100% satisfied with the final business card design and print finish. After all, you represent your business and your business represents you. 

business card2-min.png


Trades work hard and manual labour can be both tiring and waring on both themselves and work attire. We design thousands of washable, durable and stylish work uniforms for trades all over the UK. Here, Koh Designs have used a breathable hooded jumper design with bold but minimal logo print. These hoodies are represented by over 30 Blade Landscaping staff daily.


Landscaping can often be seen as a saturated market but when you get it right - competitors don't come close. Using physical marketing methods such as signage and leaflet printing you're able to show of you're business image as we'll as gaining substantial, strong leads.



Old school marketing - but its still living and breathing in the modern world. The reason - it works! How many times have you received a flimsy, messy flyer through your door? Let us guess... 19634 times. Its all about quality- using 450gsm card (that no one can just screw up and chuck) - and a double sided- smart design, our client generated over 100 leads in just over 3 months from flyers alone.