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Very much a necessity within the world of health and beauty. When it comes to all things 'appearance' we like to receive warm and trusted transparency. Price lists are the perfect way to not only offer your clients a clean and honest journey but to show the passion for your business image. 

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A logo can often be the difference between a prospect client clicking the 'call now' button or changing their sights over to your main competitor. Here at Koh Designs, we want to understand you and your business DNA. This way, we can produce a beautiful, custom logo that will blow your competitors out the water.


A business card is a highly personal form of marketing, and does exactly what you need it to. Business cards serve the key purpose of marketing your business and getting your key contact information into your client's hands… all in a matter of seconds.


Fundamental to the value of the business card, is its portability.

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Your brand is the sum total of your customers perceptions, notions and experience. It is the face, personality and the values espoused by your business – and everything in between.

More importantly, every single face of your business – be it your social media profile, the tone of your voicemails or the way you present, market and deliver a service – captures the essence of your branding and sends an implicit message about how much you respect your own business.