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Loyalty is key. Not just in everyday life, but in business. After getting to know The Bakehouse business DNA we quickly realised how important giving-back was.

With the design of the loyalty card, The Bakehouse were able to offer clients a little 'Thankyou' as well as identity repeat custom. 

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Whilst digital advertisement seems to be taking over the world, here at Koh Designs we will never lose our roots. High Street stores will always reap the rewards from old school marketing techniques. The Bakehouse a-board was subtle enough to reflect their beautiful brand but strong enough to attract new cafe footfall. 


As we know - consistency is vital when launching a new brand or updating your business image. Koh Designs have designed and printed a set of cafe staff uniforms. Again- these uniforms reflect the 'lounge around' appeal to which clients adore. After all, there's nothing better than feeling at home, whilst enjoying a nice 'cuppa' coffee.

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What better to compliment superb food & drink than some top quality merchandise for a 'carry-home'. Marketing doesn't just stop at business branding, never forget the customer journey. Here at Koh Design we live and breath client value- with a stunning, simple canvas bag design, The Bakehouses' new image is carried far and wide.